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         Check out my website:  tutorfortraders.com

         I teach students 1 on 1 over the internet with screen sharing.  They learn specific winning trade setups in my courses plus everything they need to know to trade them.  I train beginners and very experienced traders.

          My students learn how to trade correctly on my Demo practice account until they convince themselves that they are winning.  Never risk your hard earned money until you know you can win.  You will have live data and candlestick charts with your training.

 I teach what others avoid, “THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE UGLY” about trading.  You will learn how to read the charts, how to trade my amazing setups with win rates as high as 95%.  You will learn who is the best brokerage to fit your needs with the lowest fees.

 Everybody claims they will teach you how to trade and make money.  I go way beyond that and I teach you how to trade my proprietary setups that occur over and over in every chart.  When you trade my setups you know they are the best trades I have learned over 40 years of trading.  My trades have very high probabilities of success and they will build up your confidence.  I teach you how to protect every trade and keep the few loses to a very small amount.

  There are hundreds of possible trades you can make.  Why not learn the best of the best that nearly guarantee you a winning trade.  No guessing!   No gambling!  No big risk that could damage your account.

Casino’s make money from gambler’s.  Casinos know they have small odds in their favor with every bet players make. Every game played in the casino has the odds in favor of the casino winning.  The odds against the gambler at roulette is 4 ½ % .  In Blackjack it is about 7% against the average player. In Keno it is up to 50% .  In craps it rangers from 2% to 25%.

In trading we know most traders lose.  Why?  Most traders think it is so easy they do not bother to have any training.  They wrongly reason that since there only options, Buy or Sell,  surely they can win half of the time.

That reasoning is very flawed and wrong.  There are so many ways you can lose and if you have no training your chances are slim to none.  I go beyond the normal training.  I teach only what you really need to know to make money. No fluff here! A lot of what is being taught is worthless and does not help traders to make money.  It is interesting.  It is filler material.

The difference is I teach only what you need to know to make money, and only what I myself have proven works.  I even go beyond that.


All of my trade setups have big odds in favor of the Trader.  You can still have an occasional losing trade but most will be winners with odds in your favor of 70%  to 95%.  It has taken me years to figure out how to teach these trades to students.  Some trades are nearly impossible to teach, but anyone can learn my trade setups.  I believe I could teach them to a six grader.

Check out my website for more information.  The cost of my  “one on one” training is far less than that of any other training programs.   You can make back the entire investment with just a couple of trades.  Let me help you avoid all the losses beginners normally face in their quest to beat the markets.  Learn first on my Demo before you risk you hard earned money.

I teach my students the whole story, not just the hype of quick riches and fast profits that is promoted almost everywhere.  I give you the unfiltered uncut truth about the trading industry.  You need to know the whole story before you make a single trade and risk your money.  Yes, a lot of money can be made by trading even an hour or two a day, but it can be lost very quickly and easily if you are not fully informed and trained.

          The brokers love it when you start trading without any training or education.  The claims that you can make all the money you need or want by trading are true IF you have the right training.  Without training you will most likely get chopped up!  You will lose if you fall victim to the hype of the popular ads like these:

  • Quick easy money with this new miracle indicator.
  • Make Unlimited profits with “Our POT OF GOLD SIGNAL SERVICE.”  So easy.  Just trade our signals.
  • “EASY OPTION SIGNALS MAKES MILLIONAIRES.”  Look at all our ten digit winners.
  • Our easy to use “DELUXE PROFIT MAKING ROBOT.”  Just plug it in and watch the profits pile up.

        Every claim like these that I have researched or fallen victim to are fraudulent, misrepresented, and false.  They are all Bogus. I have not found one to be true to its claims!  To quote the wisdom of David Hannun when he referred to P.T.Barnum, “A sucker is born every minute.”  Edgar Allen Poe said it wisely, “Believe only half of what you see and nothing that you hear!”

You do not need to believe any wild claims because I don’t make any!   I teach you everything you need to know to be successful and set you up with all the right tools in a free Demo Trading account so you can prove to yourself that what I am teaching you will make you a very successful trader.  Some will still lose.  They just do not have the temperament to be a trader.  But with my program you will know if you have what it takes to be a part time or full time trader.  There is no need for you to risk your money.  Learn first!

 OPTION 1  10 HOURS TRAINING:  $999 less $200 savings = $799

 10 hours of 1 on 1 training at the time of your choosing.  No meetings. No travel expense.  No mandatory schedule.  You have one year to complete these hours before they expire. All training is over the internet.   This is hands on training where you will actually do every single task needed to trade Forex, Futures, or Stocks with my help and guidance.  TRADEs I TEACH:


OPTION 1B  10 HOURS TRAINING:  Three Payments of $299

Pay as you learn. No payment schedule. Hrs expire 6 months.

1st  Hours 1,2,3;     2nd  Hours 4,5,6;    3rd Hours  7,8,9,10

OPTION 2   7 HOURS   One Payment $649  

For very experience traders only.  Hours expire in 6 months.

NO RISK GUARANTEE:   If after the first hour for any reason you are not happy I will refund all the rest of your money if you request at that time.  I will not refund the first hour of training because I will have revealed to you all of my indicators and their unique settings and many of my trade secrets plus started to teach you the first set up with all the rules. There are no refunds after the first hour of training because I want students to be committed to complete these hours so they will learn and master as many of my trades as possible. Everyone can learn at least some of these trades! 

l  teach every student many warnings, admonitions, and dangers to be wary off;  many secrets and tricks I have learned that help insure your success;  correct stop loss placement for every trade,  support and resistance zones;  the facts and fiction about Fibonacci levels; the facts and fictions about profit targets; and much more.  

But what is really important is that I teach you how to avoid the many errors, dangers and risks that all too often needlessly cause traders to have losing trades or allow winning trades to become losers.  I warn and teach you what not to do in addition to what to do.  These things are seldom taught.  I expose very dangerous trading methods often taught by others.  Nobody ever mentions these negatives and hidden land mines. After I make you aware of these dangers they are no longer a threat to you and your money.

You pay only a pittance of what it cost me in time and money to learn all of this knowledge and wisdom.  It cost me many thousands of dollars and years of trading, studying, testing, and practicing?  I teach you all of the best of what I have learned after 40 years of trading.

 You learn the lessons I learn after I wiping out many of my accounts.  I have lost more money and made more money than most traders ever dream about. My experience has taught me some great lessons which I share with you.  I do not charge the $15,000, $10,000, $5,000, or $3000 that most programs ask.        And yet none of these expensive educational programs offer you “1on1” tutoring and repeating winning trade setups.  I strip out all the filler and nonsense and only teach you what you really need to know to be successful and make money in the markets.  There is no fluff or filler in my teaching.  I value your time and your money.  You will be learning from the comfort of your home or office.  No needless travel time or expenses here.

Every lesson I teach is unique and taught 1on1 because I know that is what it takes for you to learn.  You see, I have a Master’s Degree in Education and a Degree in Engineering.  I have tutored students in all levels of math for years. 

  I have successfully saved students who had given up and were failing and helped them bring their grades up to A’s and B’s.  Now I am retired and I only tutor trader’s because I want to help them avoid the lengthy and agonizing learning curve that I endured.  I know that attending seminars do not give you the complete skills you need to be successful.  My training is hands on training.  You are in the real trenches of live trading action.

I have mastered the markets after years and years of mixed results.  I have made more money and lost more money so many times I cannot count.  You see, I was making a lot of money with my very successful health care chain so I had “money to burn and play with.”  I did not realize how difficult it would be to consistently trade profitably.  I am truly a stubborn Dutchman because I just would not give up.  .

You see, I had a very successful company in the health care field and built up the largest privately owned nursing home chain in the United States consisting of 36 facilities in three states.  I successfully sold the company at the peak of the market to a large public company and proceeded to retire in Arizona. 

      After the sale I simi-retired to Arizona because of my love of the mountains and deserts.  While in Arizona I invested too much money in many real estate ventures.  These large real estate investment all required personal guarantees to back up the large loans.  That debt proved to be my downfall and I lost everything in the real estate crash of 1987-1980 when with no notice the banks rescinded a $2,000,000 line of credit.  So I learned the hard way that a fool and his money is quickly parted.

 I blame my own self for the cause of my demise.  I now understand that many banks, resorts, and others also lost it all during that financial crises and meltdown that devastated Texas, Arizona, and other areas.  I lost it all and had to start over from scratch.  I was so broke my balance was too low to see, just like in the Fat’s Domino’s song.  

          So after losing it all I had to get serious about trading and I had to learn how to be a very cautious safe trader.  I could no longer afford to take big risks.  I began in earnest to try to learn how to trade carefully and wisely.  With my engineering Degree I understood charting and I began serious studies of the charts.  I am now what you would call a “chartist” and I believe the price charts tell the whole story.  The price charts combine every fundamental and every person’s perception and opinion about what the market is doing.  It combines the whole world’s opinion in one nice neat little Japanese Candlestick Price Chart.

          I combine the “price action” that is illustrated in the chart with the best indicators I have researched out of the hundreds of indicators  I have studied and compared.  So I now I have a winning trading strategy plus I have developed several unique proprietary winning trade setups that are amazing.  Once you master any of these trade setups, trading profitably becomes much easier and the risks are greatly reduced.  These discoveries and secrets are what I teach to my students.  I hold nothing back!  I share it all and I do it for far less than any other advertised education course. 

          You can get more information about me (MR DVD, your trainer and tutor) at my website, tutorfortraders.com, or you can sign up today through PayPal as “Friends and Family.”  PayPal sends you a receipt immediately and I will follow up quickly thereafter.

There are no extra fees or on-going charges ever!   Your only risk is the first hour of training because if you tell me you are not happy after the first hour for any reason, I will refund all the rest of your money without question.  I do not refund the first hour.  I feel everyone will have learned a lot in that hour where I have revealed my indicators and many trading tips and secrets.  Please understand that there are no refunds after the first hour as there is no reason every trader will not benefit greatly from the remaining lessons. You need to be committed.

I give you the best training and the best tools but I do not know you or your abilities!  Understand, I offer no guarantees.  Some folks are just not suited to be a trader.  Trading is gut wrenching and challenging even to those with experience and knowledge.  Some folks find that they just cannot handle the pressures of trading, just like some know they cannot handle being a salesman who is not guaranteed a paycheck every week.  Some know they cannot be a gambler because even to risk a quarter in a slot machine is too stressful.  Some cannot be a surgeon as they cannot handle the site of blood.  This is your opportunity to know absolutely if trading is right for you!

  Before you risk one penny of your hard earned money you will be able to convince yourself that trading is right for you and that you have what it takes to make money even trading an hour or two occasionally.  You can prove to yourself that my Blow Off Bottom and Blow Off Top trades give you as much as a 95% winning advantage. 

Please understand, I am not a broker and I hold no licenses.  I am not associated with any brokerages.  I am a professional educator and independent trader only.

          If you respond back to me and give me your email address and any questions I will answer all your questions and I will send you a copy of my “The Secrets of MR DVD’S WINNING METHODS” and more details about how to get started. I am real?  I will personally talk to you! 




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